Zhang may refer to:

  • Zhang (surname) ( 張 or 张 and 章), two common Chinese surnames
  • Zhang County (漳县), of Dingxi, Gansu
  • Zhang River (漳河), a river flowing mainly in Henan
  • Zhang, Beijing (张镇}}), town in Shunyi District, Beijing
  • Zhang (unit) (丈), a traditional Chinese unit of length equal to 10 chi (3 – 3.7 m)

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James Zhang - Career
... Zhang has done interior illustrations on a number of Dungeons Dragons books for Wizards of the Coast, including Sharn City of Towers (2004), the Eberron Campaign Setting (2004 ... Zhang has also done artwork for the video game industry, including several games based on the Star Wars franchise ... Working for digital arts developer Concept Art House, Zhang was the executive producer on the graphic novel series Daomu, an English language adaptation of a Chinese book series, for Image Comics ...
Chang Chong-Chen - The Real Chang Is Found
... Zhang and Hergé met again in 1981 ... When he wrote it, he had not seen the real-life Zhang for several decades ... in 1981, the French media managed to find Zhang in China and arrange a trip to Europe for a reunion with Hergé ...
Zhang Jianya
... Zhang Jianya (Chinese 张建亚) (born 1951) is a Chinese film director ... As a graduate of the 1982 class of the Beijing Film Academy, Zhang is a founding member of the so-called Fifth Generation, a group that also includes in its numbers ...
Emperor Gaozong Of Tang - Chancellors During Reign
649–650, 652–655) Xu Jingzong (649–670) Gao Jifu (649–653) Zhang Xingcheng (649–653) Yu Zhining (649–659) Li Ji (649–669) Yuwen Jie (651–653) Liu Shi (651–654 ...
An Lushan - Service in Tang Armies - Rise Through The Ranks (736-742)
... By 736, An Lushan carried a general title and was serving under Zhang Shougui as an officer of the Pinglu Army (平盧軍, based in modern Chaoyang) ... In 736, after An disobeyed Zhang's orders and made an overly aggressive attack against the Khitan and the Xi, he was defeated ... According to army regulations, he was supposed to be executed, but Zhang, instead, allegedly sent him to the capital, Chang'an, and, while recommending execution, was hoping that Emperor Xuanzong ...