Zeromancer - History - Zzyzx, Chris Schleyer Departure, and Hiatus (2003-2006)

Zzyzx, Chris Schleyer Departure, and Hiatus (2003-2006)

In autumn 2003, Zeromancer released their third album, Zzyzx. The songs on the album were a lot calmer than the first two albums, which fans had not expected. The name comes from a street sign that the band saw while touring in the United States. In San Bernardino County, California, there is a place named Zzyzx Springs, which was named to ensure that it would be last in the index of all US place names. A music video was created for the song "Erotic Saints".

Following the release, Chris Schleyer left the band, and joined A Perfect Circle as a rehearsal guitarist. In 2007, Chris Schleyer created his new band Affected, and worked with Nine Inch Nails on their tour.

The band went on a temporary hiatus for three years. During this time Kim Ljung created his solo project, Ljungblut, and recorded a double-CD with Dan Heide. Alex Møklebust did some producing for a few Norwegian bands (such as Gåte and Don Juan Dracula) and Erik Ljunggren has lent his programming skills to a number of other artists (Satyricon, Undergod) and began to study at a filmschool in Lillehammer. Seigmen also reunited for some concerts and recorded a live CD and DVD.

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