Zafarwal (Urdu: Template:'''ظفروال'''‎), (Punjabi: ظفروال ) is a city and capital of Zafarwal Tehsil situated in the Narowal District of Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at 32°21'0N 74°54'0E with an altitude of 268 metres (882 feet). It is 7 km away from Indian-administered Kashmir. Zafarwal was part of the Kashmir region during the rule of Ranjit Singh. It was transferred to him by Ahmad Shah Durrani as a was the jagir of Mirza family. In 1821, Ranjit Singh gave Shakargarh to Amir Singh Sandhanwalia as a Jagir. When the British took over Punjab in 1848, the area of Shakargarh was included in Gurdaspur District. In 1947, after the partition of India, Shakargarh was given to Pakistan and attached to Sialkot District again. As a result of this transfer, Hindus and Sikhs from this area migrated to East Punjab. Its external roads link to Sialkot via Chawinda,Sialkot Via Kingra,Narowal,Shakargarh,darman and Deuli Jandiala.As it is situated at the border of Indian administered Kashmir,so Papulation of Tehsil Zafarwal is mostly refugi of Kashmir.

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... In 1748 he transferred his allegiance to Ahmad Shah Durrani, who added Zafarwal and two other parganas to his fief ... The district was subdivided into five tehsils namely Sialkot, Pasrur, Zafarwal, Raya and Daska, the head-quarters of each being at the place from which it is named ... The chief towns of the district were Sialkot, Daska, Jamki, Pasrur, Kila Sobha Singh, Zafarwal and Narowal ...
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... Villages included in Zafarwal tehsil areHerbans pur, Bhattian Deewan, Amral Dhamthal, Nawan Pind, Murarra Shareef, Doodho Chak, Mir Da Chak, Ahal Ghumnan, Amral, Barapind, Chchani ...