Yugoslav refers to:

  • Yugoslavia
    • Kingdom of Yugoslavia
    • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
    • Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • Yugoslavs (referring to the peoples of the former Yugoslavia or people who self-identify as Yugoslavs)
  • Yugoslavism, nationalism in the South Slav peoples of southeastern Europe before 1918

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Second Yugoslavia - Military
... The armed forces of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia consists of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA), Territorial Defense (TO), Civil Defense (CZ) and ... Soon after the end of World War II, the Yugoslav Peoples Army was considered to be the 3rd strongest in Europe ... The Yugoslav People's Army or JNA/JLA was the main organization of the military forces ...
Territorial Defense Forces (Yugoslavia) - See Also
... Military of Yugoslavia Yugoslav Partisans Yugoslav People's Liberation War Titoism Organ Zaštite Naroda (Armije) - OZNA Kontra-Obaveštajna Služba - KOS Ten Day War Territorial Defence Force of the Republic of ...
Bojan Pečar
... (March 22, 1960, Belgrade - October 13, 1998, London) was a Yugoslav and Serbian musician, best known as bass player of the cult Yugoslav rock band Ekatarina Velika ... New Wave group VIA Talas, who were featured on the Yugoslav New Wave compilation album Artistička radna akcija ...
Territorial Defense Forces (Yugoslavia) - Dissolution
... The possibility that each Yugoslav federal unit could have its own armed formations led to concerns that someday these separate "armies" may oppose the federal Yugoslav JNA in an act of an eventual secession ... Such concerns became reality during the breakup of Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Wars when the TO forces in many of the constituent republics switched their allegiance and turned into separatist paramilitaries ... Those former TO forces, along with Yugoslav army deserters and volunteers contributed to the founding of the respective armies of the independent states and other political entities that emerged after the ...
List Of Entities That Have Issued Postage Stamps (M–Z) - List - Yugoslavia
... Bosnian Serb Republic 1992 – Croatia (Yugoslav Regional Issue) 1945 only Montenegro (Yugoslav Regional Issues) 1945 only Serbia (Yugoslav Regional Issues) 1944 – 1946 Serbia and ...