Young Diagrams

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Integer Partition - Young Diagrams
... of an integer partition is its Young diagram, named after the British mathematician Alfred Young ... a partition with dots, as in the Ferrers diagram, the Young diagram uses boxes ... Thus, the Young diagram for the partition 5 + 4 + 1 is while the Ferrers diagram for the same partition is While this seemingly trivial variation doesn't appear worthy of separate mention, Young diagrams turn out to ...
Dominance Order - Generalizations
... Partitions of n can be graphically represented by Young diagrams on n boxes ... Standard Young tableaux are certain ways to fill Young diagrams with numbers, and a partial order on them (sometimes called the dominance order on Young tableaux) can be defined in terms of the dominance order ... For a Young tableau T to dominate another Young tableau S, the shape of T must dominate that of S as a partition, and moreover the same must hold whenever T and S are first truncated to ...

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