Yen Bai

Yên Bái ( listen) is a city and urban district in Vietnam. It is the capital of the Yen Bai province, in northeastern Vietnam. As of 2003 the district had a population of 78,016. The district covers an area of 58 km².

On 9 February 1930, part of the 4th Regiment of Tonkinese Rifles stationed at mutinied against their French officers in the Yen Bai mutiny. They were suppressed by loyal troops from the same unit. This incident led to widespread disturbances against French rule across northeastern Vietnam during 1930-31.

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Military Reforms Resulting From The Yen Bai Mutiny - Military Reforms Precipitated By The Mutiny - Decrease in The Proportion of Vietnamese Troops
... The lack of European troops at Yen Bai – aside from Massimi's and Le Tacon's personal failures – had been pinpointed as the cause of the mutiny ... the haphazard command and security procedures that had left Yen Bai vulnerable ... The Yen Bai mutiny prompted generated the political will to send more European troops to French Indochina ...
Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang - Yen Bai Mutiny
... See also Yen Bai mutiny At around 0130 on Monday, February 10, 1930, approximately 40 troops belonging to the 2nd Battalion of the Fourth Régiment de ... the mutineers two hours later, order was re-established in Yen Bai ... was handed down by the first Criminal Commission, which convened at Yen Bai ...
Military Reforms Resulting From The Yen Bai Mutiny - Military Reforms Precipitated By The Mutiny - Military Intelligence Reforms
... of coordination, an inquiry into the mutiny at Yen Bai showed that cooperation between Resident Massimi and Commandant Le Tacon did not exist despite multiple ... the military were traditionally marked by rivalry, Yen Bai stood out in the total lack of military–civilian cooperation ... service was regarded as being substandard at Yen Bai, the army command in Vietnam realised, under criticism from civil authorities who claimed they had not been sufficiently ...
Yen Bai Province
... Yen Bai's history is important under the French colony, particularly the subsequent "Yen Bai mutiny", an uprising of Vietnamese soldiers in the French ...
Yen Bai Mutiny - French Reaction - Judicial Measures
... One of the first responses taken in the aftermath of Yen Bai mutiny was the "purification of units and the sending of those contaminated into detention or into isolated disciplinary units" ... of death penalties were handed down by the first Criminal Commission, which had convened at Yen Bai to try those implicated in the mutiny and nearby insurrections ... Among the 87 people found guilty at Yen Bai, 46 were servicemen ...

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