Year of Birth Missing

Year Of Birth Missing

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This category is for individuals whose year of birth has not been indicated in their biography. It is specifically designed to list the names of historically recent people who are no longer alive, as well as those in Category:Possibly living people.

  • For individuals in Category:Living people, please use Category:Year of birth missing (living people).
  • For individuals whose period of activity occurred before the second half of the 19th century and whose complete vital statistics will in most cases likely never be known, please use Category:Year of birth unknown.
  • If the decade/century the individual was born is known, please prefer using XXXXs/XXth-century births instead.

This category is intended to be mutually exclusive with its living people subcategory, and with Category:Date of birth missing (and its living people subcategory) as well as Category:Year of birth unknown.

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