Yao Xing - Personal Information

Personal Information

  • Father
    • Yao Chang (Emperor Wucheng)
  • Mother
    • Empress She (but might be Consort Sun)
  • Wives
    • Empress Zhang (created 402)
    • Empress Qi (created 412)
  • Children
    • Yao Hong (姚泓), the Crown Prince (created 402), later emperor
    • Yao Yi (姚懿), the Duke of Taiyuan (created 402)
    • Yao Bi (姚弼), the Duke of Guangping (created 402, forced to commit suicide 416)
    • Yao Huang (姚洸), the Duke of Chenliu (created 402)
    • Yao Xuan (姚宣), Duke (created 402)
    • Yao Chen (姚諶), Duke (created 402)
    • Yao Yin (姚愔), the Duke of Nanyang (created 402, executed by Yao Hong 416)
    • Yao Pu (姚璞), the Duke of Pingyuan (created 402, executed by Liu Yu 417)
    • Yao Zhi (姚質), Duke (created 402)
    • Yao Kui (姚逵), Duke (created 402)
    • Yao Yu (姚裕), Duke (created 402)
    • Yao Guoer (姚國兒), Duke (created 402)
    • Yao Geng'er (姚耕兒)
    • Yao Huangmei (姚黃眉), Duke of Longxi of Northern Wei
    • Princess Xiping, concubine of Emperor Mingyuan of Northern Wei

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