The acronym WN may refer to:

  • Wikinews, a sister project of Wikipedia
  • White Nationalism
  • Wisconsin Northern Railroad reporting mark
  • Willesden TMD, a railway depot in north London, England
  • Southwest Airlines IATA code
  • WordNet, a semantic lexicon for the English language
  • World Neighbors
  • Chilean Spanish chat language for huev√≥n
  • White Noise
  • World News
  • WN postcode area, England

Other articles related to "wn":

List Of Graphs - Web
... A web graph has also been defined as a prism graph Yn+1, 3, with the edges of the outer cycle removed. ...
Wireless Nomad
... At the time of its disbanding, WN charged C$36.95+GST per month to members who signed up for home Internet service (3~5 Mbit/s down/720 kbit/s up), which was less than Bell and Rogers charged ... WN Business service was $59.95 a month ... WN used Free and open source software exclusively for its servers, Web site, and wireless routers ...
Barneville-Carteret - History - Modern Era
... of Barneville-sur-mer, Hatainville, Beaubigny and Carteret carried the codes "Wn 329", "Wn 326", "Wn 325", "Wn324d" and "R 612" ...
Crystalline Cohomology
... the cohomology of the crystalline site of X/Wn with values in the sheaf of rings O = OX/Wn ...
Tungsten Nitride
... Tungsten nitride (W2N, WN, WN2) is an inorganic compound, a nitride of tungsten ... It is a hard, solid, brown-colored ceramic material that is electrically conductive and decomposes in water ...