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Germany–United States Relations - Military Relations
... Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, a former Lieutenant General in the Prussian Army, was appointed Inspector General of the Continental Army and helped form the ... Von Steuben is considered to be one of the founding fathers of the United States Army ... Leopold Philipp von Heister, Wilhelm von Knyphausen, and Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Lossberg were the principal generals who commanded these troops with Frederick Christian Arnold, Freiherr von Jungkenn as ...
Apostolic Vicariate Of Northern Germany - Vicars Apostolic - Vicars Apostolic For Upper and Lower Saxony
1722–1726 Sede vacante 1722–1723 Ludolf Wilhelm von Majus as provicar per pro 1726–1728 Agostino Steffani (returned after fulfillment of his claims) 1730–174 ...
List Of Minor Planets Named After People - Science - Astronomers - Professional
767 Bondia (William Cranch Bond and George Phillips Bond) 768 Struveana (Otto Wilhelm von Struve, Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve and Karl Hermann Struve) 784 Pickeringia (Edw ... Holden) 892 Seeligeria (Hugo von Seeliger) 914 Palisana (Johann Palisa) 993 Moultona (Forest Ray Moulton) 995 Sternberga (Pavel Shternberg) 999 Zachia (Franz Xaver, Baron von ... Zdeněk Ceplecha) 2227 Otto Struve (Otto Struve) 2234 Schmadel (Lutz Schmadel) 2281 Biela (Wilhelm von Biela) 2308 Schilt (Jan Schilt) 2325 Chernykh (Lyudmila Ivanovna ...
List Of The Pour Le Mérite (military Class) Recipients - D
... Dammann Generalleutnant Heer 6 November 1918 — — Johannes von Dassel General der Infanterie Heer 25 October 1918 — — Carl Degelow Major Luftstreitkräfte 8 November 1918 — — Berthold ... Walter von Delius Oberst Luftstreitkräfte 20 January 1918 — — Friedrich-Wilhelm Dernen Generalmajor Heer 29 August 1918 — — Arnold von Detten Oberstleutnant Heer 27 August ...
Wilhelm Von Boldensele
... Wilhelm von Boldensele (c ... Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula and the Levant from 1333 to 1336 together with Heinrich von Braunschweig-Grubenhagen and Ludolf von Sudheim ... Persondata Name Boldensele, Wilhelm von Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1285 Place of birth Date of death Place of death ...

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    Whatever does not spring from a man’s free choice, or is only the result of instruction and guidance, does not enter into his very being, but still remains alien to his true nature; he does not perform it with truly human energies, but merely with mechanical exactness.
    —Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt (1767–1835)

    The sensual and spiritual are linked together by a mysterious bond, sensed by our emotions, though hidden from our eyes. To this double nature of the visible and invisible world—to the profound longing for the latter, coupled with the feeling of the sweet necessity for the former, we owe all sound and logical systems of philosophy, truly based on the immutable principles of our nature, just as from the same source arise the most senseless enthusiasms.
    —Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt (1767–1835)