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Lycaon Pictus - Hunting and Diet
... The African wild dog hunts in packs and small groups ... Like most members of the dog family, it is a cursorial hunter, meaning that it pursues its prey in a long, open chase ... Nearly 80% of all wild dog hunts end in a kill for comparison, the success rate of lions, often viewed as ultimate predators, is only 30% ...
Stray Dog - Wild Dogs - Other Wild Canids Called 'dogs'
... In South America, there are wild canid species which are commonly called 'dogs' in English ... These are Atelocynus microtis, "the small-eared dog" and Speothos venaticus, 'the bush dog' ... not very closely related to each other and are even more distantly related to true dogs than African and Indian wild dogs ...
Lionesses - Behaviour - Hunting and Diet - Predator Competition
... Similarly, lions dominate African wild dogs, not only taking their kills but also preying on young and (rarely) adult dogs ... Population densities of wild dogs are low in areas where lions are more abundant ... However, in Kruger National Park, there have been records of wild dogs killing lions and there is one report of eight dogs killing and eating an adult male ...
Lycaon Pictus - Distribution and Threats
... In the Serengeti, the average dog density (prior to the local extinction of the species) was 1 dog per 208 square kilometers (80 sq mi), whereas in the Selous Game Reserve the average ... There were once approximately 500,000 African wild dogs in 39 countries, and packs of 100 or more were not uncommon ... The African wild dog is an endangered species due to habitat loss and predator control killing ...
Drawings By Douglas Hamilton - Records of Sport - Galleries of 95 Drawings
... Antelope with Pony...1 Spearing Antelope...5 Wild Dog, Canis bengalensis...7 Oh, Great King, Don't be Angry...9 CHAPTER II ... Wolves, Wild Dogs, Boars, Mongoose, Small Game Shooting Wolves Watching Antelope...19 Wild Dogs (Cuon rutilans)...25 Mungoose and Cobra...28 ... Nielgherries, Annamullais, and Pulnies The Ibex (The Nielgherry Wild Goat), Male and Female...111 The Ibex Hills, Annamullies...117 My First Ibex...120 The Hut, Pykara...122 The Old Saddle-back...124 I take off my ...

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    It’s dogs that bite that do not show their teeth.
    Chinese proverb.

    As wild geese that the creeping fowler eye,
    Or russet-pated choughs, many in sort,
    Rising and cawing at the gun’s report,
    Sever themselves and madly sweep the sky—
    So at his sight away his fellows fly.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)