Who is Titus Livius?

  • (noun): Roman historian whose history of Rome filled 142 volumes (of which only 35 survive) including the earliest history of the war with Hannibal (59 BC to AD 17).
    Synonyms: Livy

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Curtius (gens) - Legends of The Lacus Curtius
... of the Roman Forum its origins are explained with three different traditions reported by Titus Livius and Marcus Terentius Varro ... According to the oldest story by Titus Livius During the war between Romulus and Titus Tatius, begun after the rape of the Sabine Women, the Roman commander Hostus Hostilius (grandfather of ... A third story, again from Titus Livius, tells that in 362 BC a chasm opened up in the middle of the Roman Forum ...
Livius - Family Members Known in History - No or Unknown Agnomen
... Lucius Livius, tribunus plebis during the Entrapment of Caudine Forks, 321 BC, during the Second Samnite War ... Livius opposed but Postumius browbeat him into resigning and joining the surrender party, calling him a "sacrosanct gentleman." He could not as ... Marcus Livius, member of the plenipotentiary board sent to Carthage after the fall of Saguntum in 219 BC to inquire if Hannibal's attack on it had been authorized and ...

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    There is an old saying which, from its truth, has become proverbial, that friendships should be immortal, enmities mortal.
    Titus Livius (Livy)

    He will have true glory who despises it.
    —Titus Livius (Livy)