Who is Imamu Amiri Baraka?

  • (noun): United States writer of poems and plays about racial conflict (born in 1934).
    Synonyms: Baraka, LeRoi Jones

Famous quotes containing the words imamu amiri baraka, imamu amiri, amiri baraka, baraka and/or amiri:

    Who has ever stopped to think of the divinity of Lamont Cranston?
    Imamu Amiri Baraka (b. 1934)

    Love is an evil word.
    Turn it backwards/ see, what I mean?
    Imamu Amiri Baraka (b. 1934)

    James Brown and Frank Sinatra are two different quantities in the universe. They represent two different experiences of the world.
    —Imamu Amiri Baraka [Everett Leroi Jones] (b. 1934)

    his address
    to the grey monsters of the world,
    —Imamu Amiri Baraka (b. 1934)

    I am inside someone
    who hates me.
    —Imamu Amiri Baraka (b. 1934)