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Bettina Arndt

Bettina Arndt (born 1 August 1949) is an Australian sex therapist, journalist and clinical psychologist.

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Ernie Awards - Winners - The Elaine — For Women
... for saying "I do" to Bob Hawke 1996 Kathryn Greiner 1997 Janet McDonald 1998 Bettina Arndt 1999 Jocelyn Newman, for saying that people have other options if they can't. 2000 Miranda Devine 2001 Pru Goward 2002 Bettina Arndt 2003 Sally Loane 2004 Jackie Kelly for saying that no-one in her electorate is interested in ...
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... Bettina Arndt (1982) The Bettina Arndt Guide To Lovemaking ... with Murray Publishers, ISBN unknown Bettina Arndt (1986) Private Lives ... Ringwood, Vic Penguin ISBN 0-14-008850-4 Bettina Arndt (1989) All About Us ...

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    Many women are reluctant to allow men to enter their domain. They don’t want men to acquire skills in what has traditionally been their area of competence and one of their main sources of self-esteem. So while they complain about the male’s unwillingness to share in domestic duties, they continually push the male out when he moves too confidently into what has previously been their exclusive world.
    Bettina Arndt (20th century)

    Traditionally, marriage involved a kind of bartering, rather than mutual inter-dependence or role sharing. Husbands financially and economically supported wives, while wives emotionally, psychologically and socially supported husbands. He brought home the bacon, she cooked it. He fixed the plumbing, she the psyche.
    —Bettina Arndt (20th century)