What is uncle?

  • (noun): A source of help and advice and encouragement.
    Example: "He played uncle to lonely students"
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Some articles on uncle:

Hussein 'Abd Al-Majid - Youth
... The infant Saddam was sent to the family of his maternal uncle Khairallah Talfah until he was three ... At about age 10, Saddam fled the family and returned to live in Baghdad with his uncle Kharaillah Tulfah ... Under the guidance of his uncle he attended a nationalistic high school in Baghdad ...
Michael Stuart - Early Years
... He was musically influenced by his uncle Israel "Timbalero" Stuart ... His uncle "Timbalero" was a professional musician and bandleader ... Stuart would accompany his uncle to many rehearsals where he would sing and play the maracas or congas ...
Randy Disher - Background
... Randy later claimed to have an uncle Harvey ... Monk Visits a Farm", Randy inherits his supposed uncle's farm after Harvey Disher supposedly commits suicide ... suspicion that nearby farmer Jimmy Belmont (Ricardo Chavira) murdered his supposed uncle, and he brings Monk in to prove that there has been foul play ...
Uncle Tom's Uncle
... Uncle Tom's Uncle is a 1926 American short silent comedy film directed by Robert F ... The title is a play on the 1852 novel Uncle Tom's Cabin ...
Uncle Monk
... Uncle Monk is an American bluegrass band ... Uncle Monk has released one album, also named Uncle Monk, which was released in March 2006 ...

More definitions of "uncle":

  • (noun): The brother of your father or mother; the husband of your aunt.

Famous quotes containing the word uncle:

    Is it not ironic, oh my husband? Your wife an adulteress. Your mother an adulteress. Your uncle an adulterer. Your friend an adulterer. Do you not find that amusing, dear Nicholas?
    Richard Matheson (b. 1926)

    my Uncle Sol’s farm
    failed because the chickens
    ate the vegetables so
    my Uncle Sol had a
    chicken farm till the
    skunks ate the chickens when
    —E.E. (Edward Estlin)

    My uncle Toby had scarce a heart to retalliate upon a fly.
    Go,—says he, one day at dinner, to an over-grown one which had buzz’d about his nose ... go poor Devil, get thee gone, why should I hurt thee?—This world surely is wide enough to hold both thee and me.
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)