What is time travel?

Time Travel

Time travel is the concept of moving between different points in time in a manner analogous to moving between different points in space. Time travel could hypothetically involve moving backward in time to a moment earlier than the starting point, or forward to the future of that point without the need for the traveler to experience the intervening period (at least not at the normal rate). Any technological device – whether fictional or hypothetical – that would be used to achieve time travel is commonly known as a time machine.

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Ideas From Fiction - Time Travel or Spacetime Travel
... that is sometimes raised against the concept of time machines in science fiction is that they ignore the motion of the Earth between the date the time machine departs and ... of this argument imagine that "realistically" the time machine should actually reappear in space far away from the Earth's position at that date ... relativity rejects the idea of absolute time and space in relativity there can be no universal truth about the spatial distance between events which occur at different times (suc ...
List Of Time Travel Science Fiction - Time Travel in Science Fiction Television Series
... Time travel is a recurrent theme in science fiction television programs ... In some television series, time travel creates the premise and direction for the plot and/or setting of the show ... There are other television programs that incorporate time travel in only one, or some of their episodes ...
List Of Games Containing Time Travel - Card Games
... players "overwhelm" their opponent Doctor Who Battles in Time, designer uncredited in 2006 for G E Fabbri Collectible card game and magazine Time Travel Baseball, designed by Stanley Frohlich in 1979 for Downey ... rummy-like" play, special deck, play direction changes Time Gradient, designed by Stephen Tavener in 2003 self-published uses two decks of standard Playing cards, players compete to alter time favorable to ...
List Of Games Containing Time Travel - Video Games - Time Travel As A Gameplay Element
... Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Single-player and multi-player free-form time travel ... Players can play at different points in time simultaneously and can stop, slow, and fast forward through the flow of time ... Players can also send units through time ...
Supernatural Abilities In Scientology Doctrine - Time Travel
... of an oncoming truck but saved his own life by traveling in time to before he left his home ... I made the decision instantly to turn back time," says the anonymous Scientologist, who then found himself "standing by the door I'd left not 10 seconds before - completely unscathed." The author reports being "very ...

Famous quotes containing the words travel and/or time:

    Yes, but I do not travel to find comfortable, rich, and hospitable people, or clear sky, or ingots that cost too much. But if there were any magnet that would point to the countries and houses where are the persons who are intrinsically rich and powerful, I would sell all, and buy it, and put myself on the road to-day.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    This is no time for sentiment. This is war.
    Dudley Nichols (1895–1960)