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2007 24 Hours Of Daytona - Start - 1,000,000th Lap
... Juan Pablo Montoya became the first racer in history to have won a Formula One race, the Indianapolis 500, a Champ Car title, and the 24 Hours of Daytona ... Mario Andretti also won a Formula One race, a Champ Car title and an endurance sports car race at Daytona, but Andretti's victory came in the 1972 event alongside co-driver Jacky Ickx in a six-hour event ...
Vocal Warm Up - Methods - Breathing
... Before actually starting to sing, it is important to start breathing properly and from the diaphragm ... Start with simple exercises such as hissing ... Start just using a steady note, then making a "fire engine sound" go up and down ...
One Man And His Droid - Gameplay
... At the start of the game, the player is given the option of inputting a password in order to resume a game they were playing earlier, otherwise starting at ... At the start of a game the screen is split up into several different windows ... The first task is to guide the droid to the start position ...
Kick Start
... Kick start refers to a method of starting an internal combustion engine (usually that of a motorcycle) by pushing a ratcheting lever with one's foot ... Kick start mechanisms were almost universally a part of motorcycle engines before the mid-1970s, and were phased out of production over the next twenty years or so as ... Many mopeds and scooters also carry both a kick start and an electric start, the former being useful in case the latter fails, as scooter and moped batteries tend to be ...
Old Moore's Almanac - Predictions For 2011
... April Ireland Discussion starts on disbanding "the ailing expensive beast that is the Irish Army" ... "Be sure to start stuffing some cash into the mattress from about May onwards" ... August Ireland A new car ferry service will start between Ireland and Spain ...

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    In a land which is fully settled, most men must accept their local environment or try to change it by political means; only the exceptionally gifted or adventurous can leave to seek his fortune elsewhere. In America, on the other hand, to move on and make a fresh start somewhere else is still the normal reaction to dissatisfaction and failure.
    —W.H. (Wystan Hugh)

    “End of tomorrow.
    Don’t try to start the car or look deeper
    Into the eternal wimpling of the sky: luster
    On luster, transparency floated onto the topmost layer
    Until the whole thing overflows like a silver
    Wedding cake or Christmas tree, in a cascade of tears.”
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)