What is routine?

  • (adj): Occurring at fixed times or predictable intervals.
    Example: "Made her routine trip to the store"
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Some articles on routine, routines:

Synchronized Swimming At The 2008 Summer Olympics – Women's Duet
... The preliminary round consisted of a technical routine and a free routine ... Finalists performed a second free routine, adding that score to the preliminary technical routine round score ... The technical routine consisted of ten required elements, which had to be completed in order and within a time of between 2 minutes 5 seconds and 2 minutes 35 seconds ...
Carte Jaune - Vaccines - Routine
... For these additional vaccinations, there is another page in the Yellow Card that is located on the inside of the book under the traveller's information ... Required information for these vaccinations includes the date of vaccination, the vaccine/prophylactic drug (vaccin/médicament prophylactique), the dosage, and the physician's signature (signature du médecin) ...
Routine - Other
... Choreographed routine, orchestrated dance involving several performers Comedy routine, comedic act or part of an act Visual routine, visual cognitive means of extracting ...
Synchronized Swimming At The 2008 Summer Olympics – Women's Team
... Each team presents two routines a technical routine and a free routine ... The technical routine consists of twelve required elements, which must be completed in order and within a time of between 2 minutes 35 seconds and 3 minutes 5 seconds ... The free routine has no restrictions other than time this routine must last between 3 minutes 45 seconds and 4 minutes 15 seconds ...
Smolov Squat Routine
... Smolov Squat Routine is a weight training program for squats which originates from Russia ... The Smolov Squat Routine is a Russian program composed of 5 mini-cycles that combine to make up one 16 week macro-cycle ...

More definitions of "routine":

  • (noun): A short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program.
    Example: "She had a catchy little routine"
    Synonyms: act, number, turn, bit
  • (noun): An unvarying or habitual method of procedure.
    Synonyms: modus operandi

Famous quotes containing the word routine:

    I did toy with the idea of doing a cook-book.... The recipes were to be the routine ones: how to make dry toast, instant coffee, hearts of lettuce and brownies. But as an added attraction, at no extra charge, my idea was to put a fried egg on the cover. I think a lot of people who hate literature but love fried eggs would buy it if the price was right.
    Groucho Marx (1895–1977)

    As estimated, you died. Things marched,
    sufficient, to that end.
    Just so much Zyklon and leather, patented
    terror, so many routine cries.
    Geoffrey Hill (b. 1932)

    Some days your hat’s off to the full-time mothers for being able to endure the relentless routine and incessant policing seven days a week instead of two. But on other days, merely the image of this woman crafting a brontosaurus out of sugar paste and sheet cake for her two-year-old’s birthday drives a stake through your heart.
    Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)