What is room temperature?

  • (noun): The normal temperature of room in which people live.

Room Temperature

Room temperature is a general term describing common indoor temperatures. It is usually 20 °C (68 °F or 293K).

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Room Temperature (disambiguation)
... Room temperature may mean one of the following Room temperature, the temperature that most humans are accustomed to Room temperature superconductor, a ...
Ambient Versus Room Temperature
... Room temperature implies a temperature inside a temperature-controlled building ... Ambient temperature simply means "the temperature of the surroundings" and will be the same as room temperature indoors ... In many languages, such as Spanish, there is an expression for ambient temperature, but no distinct translation for room temperature ...
Materials Science In Science Fiction - Examples
... makes a very poor protective coating – at just above room temperature, it evaporates into air in a short time ... Room temperature superconductors Ringworld and many others In science fiction, superconductors that operate at ambient temperature and pressure are used to ... very difficult to state categorically that room temperature superconductivity is impossible, since there is currently no theory to explain how high temperature ...
Lava Lamp - Operation
... of water, and would float on top under any temperature ... water (also nonflammable and miscible with wax), and is added to the wax to make its density at room temperature slightly higher than that of the water ... for the wax to warm up enough to freely form rising blobs, when operating the lamp at standard room temperature ...
Myth Busters (2009 Season) - Episode 131 - Myth Evolution - Liquid Lock Pick
... It took Tory four seconds using a hammer and crowbar to break a padlock at room temperature ... deadbolt Tory required over five minutes to smash it at room temperature, but less than two minutes after it had been frozen ... Tory was unsuccessful in breaking the room-temperature lock after four minutes he only broke part of the bunker's lock hasp ...

Famous quotes containing the words temperature and/or room:

    This pond never breaks up so soon as the others in this neighborhood, on account both of its greater depth and its having no stream passing through it to melt or wear away the ice.... It indicates better than any water hereabouts the absolute progress of the season, being least affected by transient changes of temperature. A severe cold of a few days’ duration in March may very much retard the opening of the former ponds, while the temperature of Walden increases almost uninterruptedly.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Fine art, that exists for itself alone, is art in a final state of impotence. If nobody, including the artist, acknowledges art as a means of knowing the world, then art is relegated to a kind of rumpus room of the mind and the irresponsibility of the artist and the irrelevance of art to actual living becomes part and parcel of the practice of art.
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)