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ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 - Current Codes - Officially Assigned Code Elements
... PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon 1974.pm ISO 3166-2PM PN Pitcairn 1974.pn ISO 3166-2PN PR Puerto Rico 1974.pr ISO 3166-2PR PS Palestinian Territory, Occupied 1999.ps ISO 3166-2PS ...
ITU Prefix - Table of Allocation of International Call Sign Series
... character S PA-PI NL SA-SI SE PJ AN PK-PO ID PP-PR BR SJ-SM SE SN-SR PL PS-PY BR PZ SR P0 N/A SS EG/SD ST SD SU EG SV-SZ GR S0 N/A P1 N/A P2 PG P3 CY P4 AW P5-P9 KP S1 N/A S2-S3 BD S4 N/A S5 SI S6 SG S7 ... Lucia J6 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines J8 San Marino T7 São Tomé and Príncipe S9 Saudi Arabia HZ, 7Z, 8Z Senegal 6V-6W Serbia YT-YU Seychelles S7 ...
List Of Sovereign States - List of States
... A None San Marino – Republic of San Marino A UN member state A None São Tomé and Príncipe – Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe A UN member state A None São Tomé and Príncipe contains 1 ...
2006–07 ISU Speed Skating World Cup - Races - Women
... December 2, 2006 Harbin, PR China 500 m Lee Sang-Hwa 38.23 Jenny Wolf 38.30 Wang Beixing 38.32 Lee Sang-Hwa prevented Jenny Wolf from taking her third straight win at the 500 metres, pipping her by 0 ... December 2, 2006 Harbin, PR China 1000 m Chiara Simionato 116.99 Marianne Timmer 117.63 Wang Beixing 117.64 With all of the top four skaters in the World Cup ... December 3, 2006 Harbin, PR China 100 m Xing Aihua 10.31 WR Jenny Wolf 10.41 Lee Sang-Hwa 10.59 Wolf was fastest on the opening 100 in Saturday's 500 metre race, but was beaten by Xing, whose 10.31 ...
Prophecy Of The Popes - Popes and Corresponding Mottos - Popes and Antipopes 1143–1590
... Gallus, ordinis Prædicatorum ... qui uocabatur Frater Nicolaus, ordinis Prædicatorum ... Gil Sanchez Muñoz Antipope, who was a canon of Barcelona De inferno prægnãti ...

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  • (noun): A promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution.
    Synonyms: public relations
  • (noun): A soft yellowish-white trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group; can be recovered from bastnasite or monazite by an ion-exchange process.
    Synonyms: praseodymium, atomic number 59