What is orbit?

  • (noun): A particular environment or walk of life.
    Example: "He's out of my orbit"
    Synonyms: sphere, domain, area, field, arena
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In physics, an orbit is the gravitationally curved path of an object around a point in space, for example the orbit of a planet around the center of a star system, such as the Solar System. Orbits of planets are typically elliptical.

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Some articles on orbit:

Apollo 6 - Flight - Orbit
... were inserted into a 93.49-nautical-mile (173.14 km) by 194.44-nautical-mile (360.10 km) parking orbit, instead of the planned 100-nautical-mile (190 km) circular orbit ... Then, after the standard two parking orbits to check out the vehicle's readiness for Trans Lunar Injection, the S-IVB failed to restart ... Module engine to raise the spacecraft into a high orbit, as had been done in Apollo 4, in order to complete some of the mission objectives ...
2008 In Spaceflight - Orbital Launch Summary - By Orbit
... Successes Failures Accidentally Achieved Remarks Low Earth orbit 11 ... to ISS Medium Earth orbit 1 ... Geosynchronous/transfer 0 ... High Earth orbit 0 ... Including lunar transfer and ...
Comet Hyakutake - Orbit
... When the first calculations of the comet's orbit were made, scientists realized that it was going to pass just 0.1 AU from the Earth on 25 March ... Moreover, the comet's orbit showed that it had last returned to the inner Solar System approximately 17,000 years earlier ...
Iterated Function - Abelian Property and Iteration Sequences
... For a given x in X, the sequence of values f n(x) is called the orbit of x ... If f n (x) = f n+m (x) for some integer m, the orbit is called a periodic orbit ... The smallest such value of m for a given x is called the period of the orbit ...
Orbit - Further Reading
... Theory of Orbit Determination (Cambridge University Press 378 pages 2010) ... Discusses new algorithms for determining the orbits of both natural and artificial celestial bodies ...

More definitions of "orbit":

  • (verb): Move in an orbit.
    Example: "Electrons orbit the nucleus"
    Synonyms: revolve
  • (noun): The path of an electron around the nucleus of an atom.
    Synonyms: electron orbit
  • (noun): The (usually elliptical) path described by one celestial body in its revolution about another.
    Example: "He plotted the orbit of the moon"
    Synonyms: celestial orbit

Famous quotes containing the word orbit:

    The Fitchburg Railroad touches the pond about a hundred rods south of where I dwell. I usually go to the village along its causeway, and am, as it were, related to society by this link. The men on the freight trains, who go over the whole length of the road, bow to me as to an old acquaintance, they pass me so often, and apparently they take me for an employee; and so I am. I too would fain be a track-repairer somewhere in the orbit of the earth.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Words can have no single fixed meaning. Like wayward electrons, they can spin away from their initial orbit and enter a wider magnetic field. No one owns them or has a proprietary right to dictate how they will be used.
    David Lehman (b. 1948)

    “To my thinking” boomed the Professor, begging the question as usual, “the greatest triumph of the human mind was the calculation of Neptune from the observed vagaries of the orbit of Uranus.”
    “And yours,” said the P.B.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)