What is muster drill?

Muster Drill

A muster drill (also sometimes referred to as a lifeboat drill or a boat drill) is an exercise conducted by the crew of a ship prior to embarking on a voyage. The purpose of a muster drill is to prepare passengers for safe evacuation in the event of an emergency while on board the ship and to familiarise crew and passengers with escape routes. In a muster drill, passengers are educated on the use of life vests and escape routes from the ship. It is typically conducted approximately 30 minutes prior to the ship's scheduled departure time and all guests must remain silent during the drill so that everyone will be able to hear the safety announcements from the Captain. To alert that the drill is in progress, a general emergency alarm is sounded and after the signal, the captain explains what the passengers need to do.

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Muster Drill - Time
... In the wake of the Costa Concordia disaster, all cruise ships are required to perform the muster drill before the ship leaves port ... a majority of passengers aboard the Concordia stated that they had not been through the drill and did not know where the lifeboats were located ...

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