What is inertial mass?

  • (noun): (physics) the mass of a body as determined by the second law of motion from the acceleration of the body when it is subjected to a force that is not due to gravity.

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Principle Of Inertia (physics) - Interpretations - Inertial Mass
... The only apparent difference between inertial mass and gravitational mass is the method used to determine them ... Gravitational mass is measured by comparing the force of gravity of an unknown mass to the force of gravity of a known mass ... Inertial mass is found by applying a known net force to an unknown mass, measuring the resulting acceleration, and applying Newton's Second Law, m = F/a ...
Types of Dynamometer Test Procedures - Types of Sweep Tests
... Inertia Sweep an inertia dyno system provides a fixed inertial mass flywheel and computes the power required to accelerate the flywheel (the load) from the starting to the ending RPM ... The actual rotational mass of the engine (or engine and vehicle in the case of a chassis dyno) is not known, and the variability of even the mass of the tires will skew the power results ... power required to accelerate the dyno and engine's/vehicle's rotating mass ...
Emc2 - Meanings of The Strict Mass–energy Equivalence Formula, E = Mc² - Relation To Gravity
... In physics, there are two distinct concepts of mass the gravitational mass and the inertial mass ... The gravitational mass is the quantity that determines the strength of the gravitational field generated by an object, as well as the gravitational force acting on the object ... The inertial mass, on the other hand, quantifies how much an object accelerates if a given force is applied to it ...
Summary of Mass Related Phenomena
... In physical science, one may distinguish conceptually between at least seven attributes of mass, or seven physical phenomena that can be explained using the concept of mass The amount of ... The mass of an exact sample is determined in part by the number and type of atoms or molecules it contains, and in part by the energy involved in binding it together (which ... Inertial mass is a measure of an object's resistance to changing its state of motion when a force is applied ...
Dimensional Analysis - Extensions - Huntley's Extension: Directed Dimensions
... Mass as a measure of quantity is to be considered dimensionally distinct from mass as a measure of inertia ... and thermodynamics) to distinguish between mass as a measure of inertia (inertial mass), and mass as a measure of quantity (substantial mass) ... We wish to find the rate of mass flow of a viscous fluid through a circular pipe ...

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