What is impart?

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Gap Junction - Properties of Connexon Channel Pairs
... electrical communication between cells, although different connexin subunits can impart different single channel conductances, from about 30 pS to 500 pS ... (IP3) and calcium (Ca2+), although different connexin subunits can impart different selectivity for particular small molecules ... smaller than 1,111 Daltons to pass through, although different connexin subunits can impart different pore sizes and different charge selectivity ...
Ernestine Rose - Quotations
... But the mother cannot give what she does not possess weakness cannot impart strength ... can she develop the powers, call out the energies, and impart a spirit of independence in her sons? ... must possess these high and noble qualities, or she never can impart them to her offspring..." ...
Topspin - Racquet Sports - Tennis
... the player approaches the contact point will impart lift ... slightly closed from perpendicular will impart the topspin to the ball that the player wants ... Topspin is also far more difficult to impart on backhand strokes due to the physical limitations of an arm stretched across the body ...
Bangladesh Military Academy - Miscellaneous Military Training
... To impart basic knowledge about Map Reading to the cadets and trainee officers ... To impart practical knowledge on handling and use of various types of weapon and develop firing efficiency ... To impart basic knowledge on field engineering ...
Meat - Production - Additives
... It imparts flavor but also inhibits microbial growth, extends the product's shelf life and helps emulsifying finerly processed products, such as sausages ... Sweeteners such as sugar or corn syrup impart a sweet flavor, bind water and assist surface browning during cooking in the Maillard reaction Seasonings impart or ... Flavorings such as monosodium glutamate impart or strengthen a particular flavor ...

More definitions of "impart":

  • (verb): Make known; pass on, of information.
    Synonyms: convey
  • (verb): Tell or deposit (information) knowledge.
    Synonyms: leave, give, pass on

Famous quotes containing the word impart:

    When I did first impart my love to you,
    I freely told you all the wealth I had
    Ran in my veins: I was a gentleman;
    And then I told you true.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    ... though it is by no means requisite that the American women should emulate the men in the pursuit of the whale, the felling of the forest, or the shooting of wild turkeys, they might, with advantage, be taught in early youth to excel in the race, to hit a mark, to swim, and in short to use every exercise which could impart vigor to their frames and independence to their minds.
    Frances Wright (1795–1852)

    He has more to impart than to receive from his generation. He is another such a strong and finished workman in his craft as Samuel Johnson was, and, like him, makes the literary class respectable.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)