What is destroyer escort?

  • (noun): Warship smaller than a destroyer; designed to escort fleets or convoys.

Destroyer Escort

A destroyer escort (DE) is the classification for a smaller, lightly armed warship designed to be used to escort convoys of merchant marine ships, primarily of the United States Merchant Marine in World War II. It is employed primarily for anti-submarine warfare, but also provides some protection against aircraft and smaller attack vessels. The US built roughly 457 destroyer escorts spread out over 8 classes. The Royal Navy deployed destroyer escorts of the Evarts subclass and of the Buckley subclass (with the torpedo tubes removed) and classified them as frigates.

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USS Wesson (DE-184) - World War II Pacific Theatre Operations - Drydocked At Eniwetok
... and Barnes (CVE-20) and proceed in company with the escort carriers to Manus in the Admiralty Islands ... The destroyer escort screened Sitkoh Bay as the escort carrier headed back to the Admiralty Islands for repairs to her catapult ... to the Philippine Islands with landings on Leyte — Wesson got underway to escort Sitkoh Bay to Manus, and they arrived back in Seeadler Harbor on 26 October ...
USS William C. Cole (DE-641) - World War II - June – August 1945
... fueling, Cole sailed for the Philippines, in company with the destroyer Shields (DD-596) and the destroyer escort George E ... Davis (DE-357), as escorts for a merchant, Leyte-bound convoy ... Arriving there on the 24th, the destroyer escort shifted to Kerama Retto the following day where she rendezvoused with Curtiss (AV-4), two ATA's (124 and 125), and LCI-993 to join Witter (DE-636 ...
Ships Of The Republic Of Vietnam Navy - Destroyer Escort
... The Edsall-class destroyer escort was a 1,253 ton, 306-foot (93 m) vessel, with a crew of 186 ...
USS Thomas F. Nickel (DE-587) - Service History - World War II, 1944–1945
... After shakedown training in the Caribbean from 29 June to 26 July, the destroyer escort made one round-trip voyage across the Atlantic escorting Convoy UGS-50 to Bizerte, Tunisia, and back before departing ... There, after the destroyer escort had taken on 15 aerial torpedoes as deck cargo, she headed for Manus ... On 28 December, the destroyer escort departed Aitape with Task Group 78.1, the San Fabian Attack Force, which was transporting the 43rd Infantry ...
Captain Class Frigate
... with materiel between 1941 and 1945), they were drawn from two sub-classes of the American destroyer escort (originally British destroyer escort) classification ... modified by the Royal Navy, making them distinct from the US Navy destroyer escort ships ... frigates acted in the roles of convoy escorts, anti-submarine warfare vessels, coastal forces control frigates and headquarters ships for the Normandy landings ...

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