Destroyer Escort - US Navy Destroyer Escort Class Overview


US Navy Destroyer Escort Class Overview

Class Name Lead Ship Commissioned Ships Built
Evarts (GMT) class USS Evarts (DE-5) 15 April 1943 72
Buckley (TE) class USS Buckley (DE-51) 30 April 1943 102
Cannon (DET) class USS Cannon (DE-99) 26 September 1943 72
Edsall (FMR) class USS Edsall (DE-129) 10 April 1943 85
Rudderow (TEV) class USS Rudderow (DE-224) 15 May 1944 22
John C. Butler (WGT) class USS John C. Butler (DE-339) 31 March 1944 87
Dealey class USS Dealey (DE-1006) 3 June 1954 13
Claud Jones class USS Claud Jones (DE-1033) 10 February 1959 4

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