What is concern?

  • (verb): Be on the mind of.
    Synonyms: interest, occupy, worry
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Some articles on concern:

Symbolic Racism - Evidence
... (1998) found that prejudice can be rationalized as a concern for justice ... were able to rationalize their prejudice as a concern for justice, although no traditional justice norms had been explicitly violated ... In this way, symbolic racism functions through rationalization as a concern for traditional norms without conscious awareness ...
List Of Mammals Of Côte D'Ivoire
... LC Least Concern There are no current identifiable risks to the species ... LR/lc Lower Risk/least concern Species for which there are no identifiable risks ...
List Of Reptiles And Amphibians Of Gibraltar
... LC Least Concern There are no current identifiable risks to the species ... the following instead of Near Threatened and Least Concern categories LR/cd Lower Risk/conservation dependent Species which were the focus of conservation programmes and may have ... LR/lc Lower Risk/least concern Species for which there are no identifiable risks ...
List Of Threatened Fauna Of Michigan - Insects - Beetles
... Of these, three are species of special concern, one is threatened and one is endangered ... Liodessus cantralli Cantrall's bog beetle Special Concern Lordithon niger Black lordithon rove beetle Special Concern Nicrophorus americanus American burying beetle Extinct Endangered Stenelmis ...
List Of Threatened Fauna Of Michigan - Fish
... Of these, eight are species of special concern, nine are threatened and another nine are listed as endangered ... Deepwater cisco Extinct Coregonus kiyi Kiyi Special Concern Coregonus nigripinnis Blackfin cisco Extinct Coregonus reighardi Shortnose cisco Extinct Coregonus zenithicus ...

More definitions of "concern":

  • (noun): An anxious feeling.
    Synonyms: care, fear
  • (noun): Something that interests you because it is important or affects you.
    Example: "The safety of the ship is the captain's concern"
  • (noun): A feeling of sympathy for someone or something.
    Example: "She felt strong concern for those less fortunate"
  • (noun): Something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness.
    Example: "New York traffic is a constant concern"
    Synonyms: worry, headache, vexation

Famous quotes containing the word concern:

    Much is made of the accelerating brutality of young people’s crimes, but rarely does our concern for dangerous children translate into concern for children in danger. We fail to make the connection between the use of force on children themselves, and violent antisocial behavior, or the connection between watching father batter mother and the child deducing a link between violence and masculinity.
    Letty Cottin Pogrebin (20th century)

    There is no Possibility of succeeding in a Satyrical Way of Writing or Speaking, except a Man throws himself quite out of the Question. It is great Vanity to think any one will attend a Thing because it is your Quarrel. You must make your Satyr the Concern of Society in general, if you would have it regarded.
    Richard Steele (1672–1729)

    There is the falsely mystical view of art that assumes a kind of supernatural inspiration, a possession by universal forces unrelated to questions of power and privilege or the artist’s relation to bread and blood. In this view, the channel of art can only become clogged and misdirected by the artist’s concern with merely temporary and local disturbances. The song is higher than the struggle.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)