What is boundary?

  • (noun): A line determining the limits of an area.
    Synonyms: edge, bound
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Boundary (plural: boundaries) may refer to any meaning below, also to border.

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Dehn Surgery - Definitions
... Given a 3-manifold with torus boundary components, we may glue in a solid torus by a homeomorphism (resp ... diffeomorphism) of its boundary to the torus boundary component of the original 3-manifold ... link together with Dehn filling on all the components of the boundary corresponding to the link ...
Boundary - Ships
... MV Boundary, a number of ships with this name. ...
Edmonton-Gold Bar - History
... electoral district was created in the 1971 boundary redistribution from the old electoral district of Strathcona East ... The 2010 boundary redistribution saw significant changes to the riding ... ceded to Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood, while the south boundary was moved from 92 Avenue to 82 Avenue to the Canadian Pacific Rail line to 63 Avenue into Edmonton-Mill Creek ...
Easington (UK Parliament Constituency) - Boundaries - Boundary Review
... Following their review of parliamentary representation in County Durham, the Boundary Commission for England has made only minor changes to the ...
Sheffield Hallam (UK Parliament Constituency) - Boundaries
... Since the recent boundary changes, neither of Sheffield's universities have a campus in the constituency, but it still includes areas where many students live ... The Boundary Commission's final recommendations for boundary reform (published 14 September 2005) proposed that Hallam lose Broomhill ward to Sheffield Central and gain ...

More definitions of "boundary":

  • (noun): The line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something.
    Synonyms: bound, bounds
  • (noun): The greatest possible degree of something.
    Synonyms: limit, bounds

Famous quotes containing the word boundary:

    Superstition? Who can define the boundary line between the superstition of yesterday and the scientific fact of tomorrow?
    Garrett Fort (1900–1945)

    The boundary line between self and external world bears no relation to reality; the distinction between ego and world is made by spitting out part of the inside, and swallowing in part of the outside.
    Norman O. Brown (b. 1913)

    In the west, Apollo and Dionysus strive for victory. Apollo makes the boundary lines that are civilization but that lead to convention, constraint, oppression. Dionysus is energy unbound, mad, callous, destructive, wasteful. Apollo is law, history, tradition, the dignity and safety of custom and form. Dionysus is the new, exhilarating but rude, sweeping all away to begin again. Apollo is a tyrant, Dionysus is a vandal.
    Camille Paglia (b. 1947)