What is atheistic?

  • (adj): Related to or characterized by or given to atheism.
    Synonyms: atheist, atheistical
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Discrimination Against Atheists - Contemporary Era - Islamic Countries
... Atheists, or those accused of holding atheistic beliefs, may be subject to discrimination and persecution in some Islamic countries ... In Egypt, intellectuals suspected of holding atheistic beliefs have been prosecuted by judicial and religious authorities ... of publishing a book that contained atheistic ideas and apostasy that were considered to threaten national unity and social peace ...
History Of Atheism - Modern History - Nineteenth Century
... The French Revolution of 1789 catapulted atheistic thought into political notability in some Western countries, and opened the way for the nineteenth century movements of Rationalism, Freethought ... This pamphlet is considered by scholars as the first atheistic ideas published in the English language ... An early atheistic influence in Germany was The Essence of Christianity by Ludwig Feuerbach (1804–1872) ...
Propaganda In The Soviet Union - Themes - Anti-religious
... Early in the revolution, atheistic propaganda was pushed in an attempt to obliterate religion ... (The Godless) and The Godless in the Workplace promulgated atheistic propaganda ... Atheistic education was regarded as a central task of Soviet schools ...
History Of Protestantism - Anti-clericalism and Atheistic Communism
... of the twentieth century were generally atheistic ... only Albania actually banned religion and officially declared itself to be an atheistic state ...
Atheism In Hinduism - Historical Development
... Chandogya Upanishads have also been interpreted as atheistic because of their stress on the subjective self ... Samkhya is an atheistic and strongly dualistic orthodox (Astika) school of Indian philosophy ... Cārvāka, a materialistic and atheistic school of Indian philosophy, had developed a systematic philosophy by 6th century CE ...

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    [This] atheistic [movement] must logically result in the utter annihilation of the family.
    James A. Garfield (1831–1881)