What is advance?

  • (noun): Increase in price or value.
    Example: "The news caused a general advance on the stock market"
    Synonyms: rise
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Some articles on advance:

2007 UCI Track Cycling World Championships – Men's Keirin
... qualifying heats, the fastest 2 riders in each heat advance to the second round ... The riders that did not advance to the second round race in 4 repechage heats ... The first rider in each heat advance to the second round along with the 8 that qualified before ...
Estonia At The 2004 Summer Olympics - Swimming
... Final Time Rank Time Rank Time Rank Aleksander Baldin 100 m breaststroke 106.04 49 Did not advance 200 m breaststroke 217.90 32 Did not advance Danil Haustov 50 m ...
Uruguay At The 2000 Summer Olympics - Results and Competitors By Event - Athletics
... Men's 100m Heber Viera Round 1 — 10.54 (→ did not advance) Men's 200m Heber Viera Round 1 — 20.82 Round 2 — 20.97 (→ did not advance) Men's Marathon Nestor García ...
1995 Copa América - First Round
... The best third placed team and the second best third placed team, also advance to the quarter-finals ... Group winners, runners-up, and best two third-placed teams advance to the quarter-finals ...
Ireland At The 1984 Summer Olympics - Results By Event - Swimming
100m Freestyle Carolann Heavey Heat — 101.34 (→ did not advance, 33rd place) Women's 200m Freestyle Carolann Heavey Heat — 206.61 (→ did not advance ...

More definitions of "advance":

  • (verb): Rise in rate or price.
    Synonyms: gain
  • (noun): An amount paid before it is earned.
    Synonyms: cash advance
  • (verb): Develop further.
    Example: "We are advancing technology every day"
  • (noun): A tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others.
    Synonyms: overture, approach, feeler
  • (adj): Being ahead of time or need.
    Example: "Gave advance warning"
    Synonyms: beforehand
  • (verb): Move forward.
    Example: "We have to advance clocks and watches when we travel eastward"
    Synonyms: set ahead
  • (adj): Situated ahead or going before.
    Example: "An advance party"
    Synonyms: advanced, in advance
  • (verb): Bring forward for consideration or acceptance.
    Example: "Advance an argument"
    Synonyms: throw out
  • (verb): Pay in advance.
    Example: "Can you advance me some money?"

Famous quotes containing the word advance:

    All I want is the moon, Helicon. I know in advance what will kill me. I have not yet exhausted all that can make me live. That is why I want the moon.
    Albert Camus (1913–1960)

    There can only be one Commander-in-Chief. In these times, crises cannot be managed and wars cannot be waged by committee. To the ears of the world, the President speaks for the nation. While he is of course ultimately accountable to Congress, the courts, and the people, he and his emissaries must not be handicapped in advance in their relations with foreign governments as has sometimes happened in the past.
    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913)

    I hold the value of life is to improve one’s condition. Whatever is calculated to advance the condition of the honest, struggling laboring man, so far as my judgment will enable me to judge of a correct thing, I am for that thing.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)