What is admit?

  • (verb): Afford possibility.
    Synonyms: allow
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Phi Alpha Delta - History
... was the first law fraternity to admit members of all races, creeds, colors, religions and national origins ... It was also the first law fraternity to admit women ... is the only law fraternity to admit undergraduate students interested in the law ...
Former Colleges Of The University Of Cambridge - Restrictions On Entry
... All 16 old colleges and 8 of the 15 new ones admit both male and female students as both undergraduates and postgraduates, without any age restrictions ... Seven colleges, all new, restrict entry by sex or age, or admit only postgraduates three admit only women (Murray Edwards, Newnham and Lucy Cavendish) of these, one admits only women who are ... aged 21 or older, or postgraduates (Lucy Cavendish) two admit only postgraduates (Clare Hall and Darwin) three admit both male and female students, but only those who are either mature ...
Plant Hill Arts College - Past Controversy - Refusing To Re-admit A Former Pupil
... Plant Hill refusing to re-admit a former pupil who they claimed was too far behind in his GCSE studies to catch up ... The LEA had ordered Plant Hill Arts College to admit the schoolboy after he was refused entry, but the school appealed to the Secretary of State Alan Johnson, who decided against forcing them to comply ...
I Admit
... I Admit was the Romanian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, performed in English by Sanda ... She sings "I admit I fell for you so badly" and makes other similar admissions, while also telling him how good it feels to be in love ... Stronger Every Minute" "For Real" " I Admit " "It Hurts" Semi-final only "Takes 2 to Tango" "My Galileo" "Celebrate" "Dziesma par laimi" "Leha'amin" "Jugarem a estimar-nos" "Foi magia" "Notre ...
Penitential Canons of Rome
... penance for instance, the decision of Callixtus (Tertullian, "De pudic.", i) to admit adulterers, that of St. 56) to admit the lapsi or apostates, although the Council of Elvira (about 300, Can. 1, 6, 8, etc.) still refused to admit very great sinners ...

More definitions of "admit":

  • (verb): Allow to enter; grant entry to.
    Example: "We cannot admit non-members into our club"
    Synonyms: allow in, let in, intromit
  • (verb): Serve as a means of entrance.
    Example: "This ticket will admit one adult to the show"
  • (verb): Declare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of.
    Synonyms: acknowledge
  • (verb): Allow participation in or the right to be part of; permit to exercise the rights, functions, and responsibilities of.
    Example: "Admit someone to the profession"
    Synonyms: let in, include
  • (verb): Give access or entrance to.
    Example: "The French doors admit onto the yard"
  • (verb): Admit into a group or community.
    Example: "We'll have to vote on whether or not to admit a new member"
    Synonyms: accept, take, take on

Famous quotes containing the word admit:

    Indifference is harder to fight than hostility, and there is nothing that kills an agitation like having everybody admit that it is fundamentally right.
    Crystal Eastman (1881–1928)

    They are so filthy and bestial that no honest man would admit one into his house for a water-closet doormat.
    Charles Dickens (1812–1870)

    One would always want to think of oneself as being on the side of love, ready to recognize it and wish it well—but, when confronted with it in others, one so often resented it, questioned its true nature, secretly dismissed the particular instance as folly or promiscuity. Was it merely jealousy, or a reluctance to admit so noble and enviable a sentiment in anyone but oneself?
    Shirley Hazzard (b. 1931)