What are troops?

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33rd Army (Soviet Union) - Smolensk 1943
... of probing, the goal of which was to determine whether German troops would choose to withdraw or not from the first set of trenches, the offensive started on 7 August 1943 at 0630 am (with a ... German troops attempted numerous counterattacks from their well-prepared defense positions, supported by tanks, assault guns, and the fire of heavy guns and mortars ... On the first day, the Soviet troops advanced only 4 kilometers (2.5 mi), with all available troops (including artillery, communications men and engineers) committed to battle ...
USS Albany (CL-23) - Service History - Later Career
... The United States landed troops at Vladivostok in Siberia, possibly to check Japanese pretensions in that area and to secure that port as an exit for the Czech Legion then. 1919 and early 1920, Albany did several tours of duty at Vladivostok in support of American troops ashore ... She also sent armed landing parties ashore on several occasions in further support of those troops and to evacuate sick and wounded men ...
Armed Forces Of The Netherlands - Contemporary Campaigns - Afghanistan
... The Netherlands deployed further troops and helicopters to Afghanistan in 2006 as part of a new security operation in the south of the country. 2007 that it would begin withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, which were mainly in Uruzgan Province, in July 2010 ... that other countries will be ready to replace Netherlands troops, but I am certain that Dutch troops will leave in 2010," Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen said ...
Zimbabwe National Army - Past Operations - Operation Lifeline-Tete Corridor
... of Mozambique formally requested the governments of Tanzania and Zimbabwe to contribute troops for "the restoration of law and order" in Mozambique ... This led to the deployment of Tanzanian troops north of the Zambezi river and Zimbabwean troops to the south ... The decision to send Zimbabwean troops to help restore law and order in Mozambique was partly influenced by Zimbabwe's close relationship with the Mozambican government which ...
Quintus Pleminius - Military Command
... This action led to a skirmish with Carthaginian troops, who occupied the other ... arrived on the scene, but Locrian insiders enabled Rome to hold out until Scipio could bring troops from Messana, at which time the Carthaginians withdrew ... of the Roman senate, and returned with his troops to Messana ...

Famous quotes containing the word troops:

    Therefore the skilful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field.
    Sun Tzu (6th–5th century B.C.)

    But, where the road runs near the stream,
    Oft through the trees they catch a glance
    Of passing troops in the sun’s beam—
    Pennon, and plume, and flashing lance!
    Forth to the world those soldiers fare,
    To life, to cities, and to war!
    Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)

    The horseman on the pale horse is Pestilence. He follows the wars.
    Ardel Wray, and Mark Robson. Explaining why he is taking pains to protect his troops from plague (1945)