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Free Movement of Capital and Payments - Arguments in Favour of Capital Controls
... Pro capital control economists have made the following points ... Capital controls may represent an optimal Macroprudential policy that reduces the risk of financial crises and prevents the associated externalities Global economic growth was on average considerably higher in the ... positive correlation between growth and free capital movement ...
Capital Account - Capital Controls
... Capital controls are measures imposed by a state's government aimed at managing capital account transactions ... They include outright prohibitions against some or all capital account transactions, transaction taxes on the international sale of specific financial assets, or caps on the size of international ... While usually aimed at the financial sector, controls can affect ordinary citizens, for example in the 1960s British families were at one point restricted from taking ...
Capital Control - History - Post Washington Consensus: 2009 and Later
... During the 2008–2012 Icelandic financial crisis, the IMF proposed that capital controls on outflows should be imposed by Iceland, calling them "an essential feature of the monetary policy framework, given the ... emerging market economies responded to these concerns by adopting capital controls or macroprudential measures for example, Brazil imposed a tax on the purchase of financial assets by ... The partial return to favor of capital controls is linked to a wider emerging consensus among policy makers for the greater use of macroprudential policy ...
Capital Control
... Capital controls are residency-based measures such as transaction taxes and other limits or outright prohibitions, which a nation's government can use to regulate flows ... Types of capital control include exchange controls that prevent or limit the buying and selling of a national currency at the market rate, caps on the allowed volume for the ... have been several shifts of opinion on whether capital controls are beneficial and in what circumstances they should be used ...

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    Ask anyone committed to Marxist analysis how many angels on the head of a pin, and you will be asked in return to never mind the angels, tell me who controls the production of pins.
    Joan Didion (b. 1934)

    A good many have been thrown out on their broad capital bases.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)