Wee Warriors

Wee Warriors

The company Wee Warriors Ltd. published role-playing game accessories in the 1970s. It notably published the first stand alone adventure for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game (or in fact any role-playing game). Though they never produced official Dungeons & Dragons products their early products were distributed by TSR, Inc., who at that time also published Dungeons & Dragons.

Products of Wee Warriors include:

  • Dungeon Master Kits
    • Palace of the Vampire Queen (1976) - the first ever adventure module published. Early printings were distributed by TSR. Note that TSR's Blackmoor expansion published in 1975, prior to PotVQ, has the first adventure module published: Temple of the Frog. This is the first stand-alone adventure module published.
    • The Dwarven Glory (1977) - another early adventure module. Early printings were distributed by TSR.
    • Misty Isles - another early adventure module.
  • The Character Archaic (1975) - the first set of character sheets ever published. The first printing was distributed by TSR and was also advertised for in Gods, Demigods and Heroes (2nd printing).
  • The Endless Dungeon (1977) - a set of cardboard tiles you could glue together into a number of floors and walls and use for miniature playing. An early issue of White Dwarf reviewed this release and came to the conclusion that you were better off without the Endless Dungeon. Originally distributed by TSR.
  • The Village (1977) - a set of houses on cardboard you could assemble for miniature play.
  • Dungeon Designer's Kit - A set of cardstock sheets with dungeon rooms and furnishings printed on them.
  • Game Designer's Kit
  • Dragonlord (1978) - A one-on-one boardgame where players are dragonlords - warriors who fight each other while mounted on dragonback. Has 2½ D artwork by Morno and uses squares instead of hexes for movement. Dragonlord is reviewed in The Dragon #17.

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