Wear Facets

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Domestication Of The Horse - Archaeological Evidence - Bit Wear
... The presence of bit wear suggest that a horse was ridden or driven, and the earliest of such evidence from a site in Kazakhstan dates to 3500 BCE ... or a hackamore, and such tools are used even today, the absence of bit wear on horse teeth is not conclusive evidence against domestication, but such materials do not produce significant physiological ... The regular use of a bit to control a horse can create wear facets or bevels on the anterior corners of the lower second premolars ...

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    Continued traveling is far from productive. It begins with wearing away the soles of the shoes, and making the feet sore, and ere long it will wear a man clean up, after making his heart sore into the bargain. I have observed that the afterlife of those who have traveled much is very pathetic.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)