WCET may refer to:

  • Worst-case execution time, a computer science term
  • WCET (TV), a PBS station serving the Cincinnati area
  • Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies Certification, an IEEE certification regarding wireless technologies
  • Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications

Other articles related to "wcet":

Worst-case Execution Time - Finding WCET - Automated Approaches To Finding WCET - Static Analysis Techniques
... A static WCET tool attempts to provide WCET estimations by examining the computer software without executing it directly on the hardware ... At the low-level, static WCET analysis is complicated by the presence of architectural features that improve the average-case performance of the processor instruction/data caches, branch prediction and ... It is possible, but increasingly difficult, to determine tight WCET bounds if these modern architectural features are taken into account in the timing model used by the analysis ...
WCET (TV) - History
... WCET is the first licensed public television station in the United States ... Like PBS members in many larger television markets, WCET partnered with the for-profit company Lakeshore Learning Materials to operate a retail store in the late 1990s ... WCET took a 25% share in the Channel 48 Store of Knowledge, which went towards the station's endowment fund ...
Worst-case Execution Time - What WCET Is Used For
... While WCET is potentially applicable to many real-time systems, in practice the an assurance of WCET is mainly used by real-time systems that are related to high reliability or safety ... The increasing use of software in automotive systems is also driving the need to use WCET analysis of software ... In the design of some systems, WCET is often used as an input to schedulability analysis, although a much more common use of WCET in critical systems is to ensure ...
WCET (TV) - Digital Television
... WCET began broadcasting digitally on UHF channel 34 on December 4, 2002, and has broadcast in high definition 24 hours a day since October 1, 2005 ... After most analog television was phased out nationwide on June 12, 2009, WCET remained on channel 34 ... However, WCET uses the PSIP protocol to display its virtual channel as 48 ...