Water Shrew

Water Shrew may refer to any of several species of semi-aquatic red-toothed shrews:

  • Asiatic water shrews (Chimarrogale spp.)
    • Malayan Water Shrew (C. hantu)
    • Himalayan Water Shrew (C. himalayica)
    • Sunda Water Shrew (C. phaeura)
    • Japanese Water Shrew (C. platycephala)
    • Chinese Water Shrew (C. styani)
    • Sumatran Water Shrew (C. sumatrana)
  • Nectogale
    • Elegant Water Shrew (N. elegans)
  • Neomys
    • Mediterranean Water Shrew (N. anomalus)
    • Eurasian Water Shrew (N. fodiens)
    • Transcaucasian Water Shrew (N. teres)
  • Sorex:
    • Glacier Bay Water Shrew (S. alaskanus)
    • American Water Shrew (S. palustris)
    • Pacific Water Shrew or Marsh Shrew (S. bendirii)

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