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Nuclear Energy In The United States - History
... systems in addition to his skill in project management, to the AEC to start the Naval Reactors project ... Rickover's work with the AEC led to the development of the Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR), the first naval model of which was installed in the submarine USS Nautilus ... This made the boat capable of operating under water full-time - demonstrating this principle by reaching the North Pole and surfacing through the Polar ice cap ...
Steam Generator (nuclear Power)
... generators are heat exchangers used to convert water into steam from heat produced in a nuclear reactor core ... They are used in pressurized water reactors between the primary and secondary coolant loops ... In other types of reactors, such as the pressurised heavy water reactors of the CANDU design, the primary fluid is heavy water ...
Nuclear Power In Sweden
... In 1954, the country built its first small research heavy water reactor ... It was followed by two heavy water reactors Ă…gesta, a small heat and power reactor in 1964, and Marviken which was finished but never operated, due to several safety issues ... Both were heavy water reactors, motivated by the option to use Swedish uranium without isotope enrichment ...
Pressurized Water Reactors - PWR Reactor Design - Moderator
... Pressurized water reactors, like all thermal reactor designs, require the fast fission neutrons to be slowed down (a process called moderation or thermalization) in order to interact with the ... In PWRs the coolant water is used as a moderator by letting the neutrons undergo multiple collisions with light hydrogen atoms in the water, losing speed in the process ... This "moderating" of neutrons will happen more often when the water is denser (more collisions will occur) ...
Nuclear Power In India - Nuclear Power Growth in India
... stands 9th in the world in terms of number of operational nuclear power reactors ... Indigenous atomic reactors include TAPS-3, and -4, both of which are 540 MW reactors ... India's US$717 million fast breeder reactor project is expected to be operational by 2012-13 ...

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