Warp Yarns

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Firehose - Manufacturing Process - Weaving The Jackets
... The warp yarns are staged on a creel, which will feed them lengthwise down through a circular loom ... Two filler bobbins with the filler yarn are put in place in the loom ... As the loom starts, the filler bobbins wind the filler yarn in a circle through the warp yarns ...
Twist Per Inch - In Industry
... established by experiments and practice that the maximum strength of a yarn is obtained for a definite value of K ... In the case of ring spun cotton yarns, for example, the following values of K have been found to give the best results ... Warp yarns, 35's and less 4.75 Warp yarns, 35's to 80's 4.50 Warp yarns, 80's to 110's 4.25 Filling yarns, medium numbers 3.50 ...
Fibre-reinforced Plastic - Process Description - Fibre Process - The Manufacture of Fibre Preforms
... However, multilayer weaving is required to have multiple layers of warp yarns to create fibres in the z- direction creating a few disadvantages in manufacturing,namely the time to set ... Braiding.Four step or row and column braiding utilizes a flat bed containing rows and columns of yarn carriers that form the shape of the desired preform ... of row and column motion, which act to interlock the yarns and produce the braided preform ...

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