Wang (surname) - Notable People Surnamed Wang - China


  • Charles Wang, computer entrepreneur
  • David Wang, former Chinese gangster
  • David Wang, American track cleaner
  • David Wang, extremist protester
  • Ed Wang,
  • Garrett Wang, Chinese American actor
  • Paul Wang, American film producer
  • Vera Wang, designer
  • Wang An, computer scientist who founded Wang Laboratories
  • Wang Anshi, Song Dynasty politician
  • Wang Bi, Three Kingdoms Taoist philosopher
  • Wang Bingbing, Chinese ski mountaineer
  • Wang Can, Han Dynasty scholar
  • Wang Chong, Chinese philosopher during Han Dynasty
  • Wang Chongyang, a Song Dynasty Taoist and founder of Quanzhen School
  • Wang Chuzhi, a regional military governor for Dingzhou during the 5 Dynasties and 10 Kingdoms era
  • Wang Cuo, a general from Wei Kingdom
  • Wang Daiyu, Chinese Muslim scholor
  • Wang Dan, student leader - Tiananmen Square dissident
  • Wang Dao, Jin Dynasty statesman and advisor
  • Wang Daohan, former president of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS)
  • Wang Dongxing, Mao Zedong's principal bodyguard during the Cultural Revolution
  • Wang Dun, Jin Dynasty a rebellious Jin general later warlord
  • Wang Fangqing, real name Wang Lin, served during the Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty as a chancellor
  • Wang Fanxi, Trotskyist
  • Wang Feifei (王霏霏), Fei is a Chinese singer member part of South Korean girl group Miss A.
  • Wang Fu, a philosopher from Gansu in the Later Han Dynasty
  • Wang Fu, a Shu Han general serving under Liu Bei
  • Wang Fu, an influential eunuch in Han Dynasty
  • Wang Fu, a painter from Ming Dynasty
  • Wang Fuzhi, Chinese philosopher and historian
  • The Empress Wang, an empress of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty.
  • Wang Gen, Wang Yangming's disciple
  • Wang Guangmei, wife of Liu Shaoqi
  • Wang Guangya, UN ambassador
  • Wang Guowei, late Qing Dynasty and early Republican scholar
  • Wang Han (王汗), see Wang Khan
  • Wang Hao, Chinese-American logician, philosopher and mathematician
  • Wang Hongwen, Chinese politician which is the youngest member of the Gang of Four.
  • Wang Jian, a general from Qin Dynasty
  • Wang Jian, Liu Song and Southern Qi official
  • Wang Jian, founding emperor of Former Shu, posthumously known as Gaozu
  • Wang Jian, a painter from Ming Dynasty
  • Wang Jinghong, Chinese Muslim admiral
  • Wang Jipeng, son of Wang Yanjun, fourth king of the Min Kingdom ruled from 926-935
  • Wang Jishan, served during the Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty as a chancellor
  • Wang Ju, an inventor during Tang Dynasty
  • Wang Jun, Imperial Protector of Yizhou known as the Prancing Dragon General served in the Jin Dynasty
  • Wang Jun, a chancellor during Tang Dynasty
  • Wang Jun, son of Wang Zhen, is a famous Chinese businessman chairman of CITIC and Poly Technologies, China
  • Wang Jun, a PRC politician
  • Wang Ju-Rong, Chinese Muslim martial artist
  • Wang Juzheng, a Northern Song painter
  • Wang Khan, the blood brother of Temüjin's (later Genghis Khan)
  • Wang Kui or Wang Jinkui, second ruler of the Wuping independent regime during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period
  • Wang Lang, a Wei politician during the end of the Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms
  • Wang Ling, historian of Chinese science
  • Wang Liqin, table tennis player
  • Wang Mang, founder of the Xin Dynasty
  • Wang Meng, known as Marquess Wu of Qinghe is a prime minister for Former Qin
  • Wang Ming, a senior leader of the early Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Mastermind of 28 Bolsheviks group
  • Wang Nan, table tennis player
  • Wang Rong, known as the 3rd East General, he served during the Jin Dynasty
  • Wang Rong, a PRC politician
  • Wang Shenzhi, founder of the Min Kingdom in Fujian
  • Wang Shichong, a general serving under the Sui Dynasty
  • Wang Shiwei, a Chinese journalist and literary writer
  • Wang Shiyan, Chinese painter
  • Wang Shizhen, Yuan Shikai's Beiyang subordinate
  • Wang Su, son of Wang Lang, adviser to Sima Shi
  • Wang Tao, reformer, political essayist, newspaper publisher, fiction writer
  • Wayne Wang, film director
  • Wang Wei, Tang Dynasty poet
  • Wang Xizhi, Jin Dynasty calligrapher known as the Sage Calligrapher lived in Jin Dynasty
  • Wang Xianzhi, calligrapher
  • Wang Xianzhi, Tang Dynasty agrarian rebel
  • Wang Xiaobo, modern writer
  • Wang Xiaojie, a general served during Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty
  • Wang Xuan, an official of Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty, briefly serving as chancellor
  • Wang Xuan, an innovator of the Chinese printing industry
  • Wang Xuance, a diplomat to India and guard that served during the Tang Dynasty
  • Wang Yan, son of Wang Jian, second ruler of the Qian Kingdom (Former Shu)
  • Wang Yangming, Ming Dynasty Neo-Confucian
  • Wang Yanhan, son of Wang Shenzhi, second king of the Min Kingdom ruled from 925-926
  • Wang Yanjun, son of Wang Yanhan, third king of the Min Kingdom ruled from 926-935
  • Wang Yanxi, son of Wang Jipeng, fifth king of the Min Kingdom ruled from 939-944
  • Wang Yanzheng, son of Wang Yanxi, the last king of the Min Kingdom (943-945) before being absorbed by Southern Tang
  • Wang Yaowu, high-ranking KMT general who fought the Imperial Japanese army and Chinese Communists from 1924-1948
  • Wang Yeping, wife of Jiang Zemin, former president of People's Republic of China
  • Wang Yizhan, see Garrett Wang
  • Wang Yuegu, China-born Singaporean Olympic table tennis player
  • Wang Yun, Minister over the Masses under Emperor Xian during the late Eastern Han Dynasty
  • Wang Yuja, classical pianist
  • Wang Zhaoguo, a Fujian Chinese politician who came to prominence during the era of Deng Xiaoping
  • Wang Zhaojun, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China
  • Wang Zhen, an official and an inventor for Yuan Dynasty known for the first wooden movable type printing
  • Wang Zhen, a Chinese political figure and one of the Eight Immortals of the Communist Party of China.
  • Wang Zhen, powerful eunuch during the Ming Dynasty
  • Wang Zhen, well-known painter of the "Shanghai school" in the Qing Dynasty
  • Wang Zhen, Chinese gymnast
  • Wang Zhengjun, Han Dynasty empress
  • Wang Zhengwei, Chairman of Ningxia
  • Wang Zhi, a eunuch in Ming Dynasty
  • Wang Zhizhi, former NBA player
  • Wang Zi-Ping, Chinese Muslim martial artist
  • Ta Kang Wang, Galactic overlord

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