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Marburg Speech - Literature
... "Rede des Vizekanzlers von Papen vor dem Universitätsbund, Marburg, am 17 Juni 1934", in Edmund Forschbach Edgar J ... "Rede des Vizekanzlers von Papen vor dem Universitätsbund, Marburg, am 17 Juni 1934", in Sebastian Maaß Die andere deutsche Revolution ... "Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen's Marburg Speech A Call for More Freedom, June 17, 1934" (English-language translation), in Louis L ...
Agressive Leaders In Germany And Japan - Decline (1930–1933) - Cabinet Schleicher
... Franz von Papen stepped down and was succeeded by General Kurt von Schleicher as Reichskanzler on 3 December ... Hitler learned from von Papen that the general had no authority to abolish the Reichstag parliament, whereas any majority of seats did ... On 22 January, Hitler's efforts to persuade Oskar von Hindenburg (the President's son) included threats to bring criminal charges over estate taxation irregularities at the President's Neudeck estate (althou ...
Canada In World War I - Home Front - Saboteurs
... Despite German Ambassador to the United States Johann Heinrich von Bernstorff's disbelief in Japan sending troops to the Western Front, foreign office undersecretary Arthur Zimmermann ... Von Papen identified several bridges and tunnels in western Canada as targets, but was advised to wait until the Japanese appeared ... Von Papen next formed groups of German reservists in several American cities to attack Canadian bridges and, if the Japanese took the Panama Canal, its locks ...
Oskar Von Hindenburg
... Generalleutnant Oskar von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg (31 January 1883 – 12 February 1960) was the politically powerful son and aide-de-camp to Field Marshal and President ... in was the Third Guards Regiment, where he was befriended by Kurt von Schleicher ... After his father became a German war hero in World War I, Oskar von Hindenburg's career started to advance, thanks to his surname ...

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