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Greece–Hungary Relations - List of Bilateral Visits
... April 1998, the President of Greece Konstantinos Stephanopoulos visited Hungary In November 2000, the Prime Minister of Greece Kostas Simitis visited Hungary In January 2003, the Prime ...
Greece–India Relations - List of Recent Bilateral Visites
... In December 2000, Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou visited India ... of the Lok Sabha Somnath Chatterjee visited Greece ...
Lotus Temple - Distinctions - Most Visitors
... The most visited building in the world, according to a CNN report" "The most visited building in India, surpassing even the Taj Mahal with some 4.5 million visitors a ...
Shinzō Abe - Politics and Philosophy - Yasukuni Shrine
... Abe has visited the controversial Yasukuni Shrine on many occasions ... Cabinet Secretary in the government of Junichiro Koizumi he visited in April 2006, prompting South Korea to describe the trip as "regrettable" ... while Prime Minister from September 2006 to September 2007, unlike Koizumi, who had visited yearly while in office ...
Wang Dayuan
... During 1328–1333, he sailed along the South China Sea and visited many places in Southeast Asia and reached as far as South Asia, landing in Bengal, Sri Lanka and India ... In 1334–1339 he visited north Africa and East Africa ... Around 1330, Wang visited the island of Singapore, where he wrote about a small settlement called Dan Ma Xi (淡马锡, from Malay Tamasik) with Malay and Chinese ...

Famous quotes containing the word visited:

    ... a family I know ... bought an acre in the country on which to build a house. For many years, while they lacked the money to build, they visited the site regularly and picnicked on a knoll, the site’s most attractive feature. They liked so much to visualize themselves as always there, that when they finally built they put the house on the knoll. But then the knoll was gone. Somehow they had not realized they would destroy it and lose it by supplanting it with themselves.
    Jane Jacobs (b. 1916)

    The tops of mountains are among the unfinished parts of the globe, whither it is a slight insult to the gods to climb and pry into their secrets, and try their effect on our humanity. Only daring and insolent men, perchance, go there. Simple races, as savages, do not climb mountains,—their tops are sacred and mysterious tracts never visited by them. Pomola is always angry with those who climb the summit of Ktaadn.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The hardiest skeptic who has seen a horse broken, a pointer trained, or has visited a menagerie or the exhibition of the Industrious Fleas, will not deny the validity of education. “A boy,” says Plato, “is the most vicious of all beasts;” and in the same spirit the old English poet Gascoigne says, “A boy is better unborn than untaught.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)