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Cadet Regiment

The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets is organized on the level of an Army infantry regiment. The following is the structure for the 2009-2010 Academic Year:

Regimental Staff

  • Regimental Commander (Cadet Colonel, 6 Gold Chevrons)
    • Regimental Executive Officer (Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, 5 Gold Chevrons w/ Star underneath)
      • S-1 (Cadet Major, 5 Gold Chevrons)
      • S-2 (Cadet Major)
      • S-3 (Cadet Major)
      • S-4 (Cadet Major)
      • S-5 (Cadet Major)
      • Command Sergeant Major (Cadet Command Sergeant Major, 3 White Chevrons w/ 3 rockers and a diamond in the middle)

Regimental Special Staff

  • Honor Court Chief Justice (Cadet Major)
    • Vice Chief of Ethics Training (Cadet Major)
  • Executive Committee Chairman (Cadet Major)
  • Inspector General (Cadet Major)
  • Regimental Chaplain (Cadet Captain, 4 Gold chevrons)
  • Recruiting and Retention Officer (Cadet Captain)
  • Medical Officer (Cadet Major)
  • Information Systems Officer (Cadet Captain)
  • Historian (Cadet Captain)
    • Executive Information Systems Officer (Cadet 1st Lieutenant)
  • Color Guard Commander (Cadet Command Color Sergeant, 2 White Chevrons w/ two rockers, a star and wreath underneath it in the center of the rank)
    • Color Guard Member, Junior (Cadet Color Sergeant, 2 Chevrons w/ two rockers and a star in the center)
    • Color Guard Member, Sophomore (Cadet Color Corporal, 2 Chevrons w/ a star underneath)
  • Skipper Crew Gun Captain (Cadet Artillery Sergeant, 2 Chevrons w/ two rockers and crossed cannons in the center)
    • Skipper Crew Member, Junior (Cadet Artillery Sergeant)
    • Skipper Crew Member, Sophomore (Cadet Artillery Corporal, 2 Chevrons w/ crossed cannons underneath)
  • Ordnance Staff Commander - Senior (Cadet 1st Lieutenant, 3 Gold chevrons with star underneath)
  • Ordnance Staff Commander - Junior (Cadet Ordnance Sergeant, 2 Chevrons with one rocker and an exploding grenade in the center)
    • Ordnance Staff Member, Junior (Cadet Ordnance Sergeant)
    • Ordnance Staff Member, Sophomore (Cadet Ordnance Corporal, 2 Chevrons with flaming grenade underneath)
    • Regimental Bugler** (Cadet Signal Sergeant, 2 Chevrons w/ two rockers and a bugle in the center)

Battalion staff

  • Battalion Commander (Cadet Lieutenant Colonel)
    • Battalion XO (Cadet Major)
      • S-1 (Cadet Captain)
      • S-3 (Cadet Captain)
      • S-5 (Cadet Captain)
      • Battalion Sergeant Major (Cadet Sergeant Major, 3 Chevrons w/ 2 rockers and a diamond in the middle)

Company staff

  • Company Commander (Cadet Major)
    • Company XO (Cadet Captain)
      • Platoon Leader (Cadet 1st Lieutenant)
      • Academics Officer (Cadet 2nd Lieutenant)
      • Company First Sergeant (Cadet First Sergeant, 2 Chevrons w/ 2 rockers and a diamond in the middle)
      • Platoon Sergeant (Cadet Sergeant 1st Class, 2 Chevrons w/ 2 rockers)
      • Squad Leader (Cadet Staff Sergeant, 2 Chevrons w/ 1 rocker)
      • Fire Team Leader (Cadet Corporal, 2 Chevrons)

The Regimental Band has these additional ranks exclusive to their company:

  • Drum Major (Cadet Captain with crossed batons under 4 gold chevrons)
  • Supply Sergeant (Cadet Supply Sergeant, 2 Chevrons with horizontal stripe)

Up until the Fall of 2008, all senior cadets were granted the rank of Cadet 2nd Lieutenant regardless of whether they had a billet, unless they had shown substandard performance. Additionally, all seniors were entitled to wear a gold chin strap on their cover regardless of rank and had the privilege to carry a saber. During that semester, the regulations were changed so that only seniors with a requisite billet would be cadet officers. All other seniors would maintain enlisted cadet rank and would no longer be allowed to wear a gold chin strap or carry a saber. The following is the rank breakdown of personnel with no billet by class year:

  • Senior
    • Cadet 2nd Lieutenant (Any cadet who achieved a position granting the rank of Cadet Major, and cadets who held the rank of Cadet Captain that showed superior performance.)
    • Cadet Staff Sergeant (If cadet held a senior sergeant position during their junior year.)
    • Cadet Sergeant (If cadet did not hold a senior sergeant position.)
    • Skipper (5th year cadets)
  • Junior
    • Cadet Staff Sergeant (If cadet held a senior sergeant position during the fall semester of their junior year.)
    • Cadet Corporal (If cadet successfully completed at least one semester as a fire team leader.)
    • Cadet Private 1st Class, 1 Chevron (If cadet did not complete semester as fire team leader)
  • Sophomore
    • Cadet Private 1st Class (If cadet is not holding a fire team leader or special staff position.)

A cadet of any class year who commits a serious infraction may be reduced in rank to cadet private, which carries no insignia.

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