Vice Squeeze

Vice Squeeze

The Vice is an advanced squeeze in contract bridge. Its distinguishing motive is presence of a "vice" menace in one suit, where one defender holds cards of equivalent rank which split the declarer's pair of cards in front of him, where his partner has a winner in the suit. It was first attested by Terence Reese in the book "The Expert Game", a.k.a. "Master Play in Contract Bridge". In other words, the defenders have a "high" finesse position, equivalent to the one in diagram:

QJ W N↑ S↓ E Ax

If West can be forced to abandon QJ, the defenders will take only one trick in the suit.

A similar motive is encountered in guard squeezes, however, in the vice, the defenders have a winner in the suit. Since that winner will take a trick, this squeeze is without the count.

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Vice Squeeze - Examples
... to lead ♠ 5 ♥ 3 ♦ 8 ♣ — Hearts are the "vice suit", and the second menace is the declarer's ♦8 ... This is a position akin to automatic simple squeeze ...

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