Vf or VF may stand for:

In companies, organizations, groups:

  • VF Corporation, a clothing company
  • Valuair, an airline based in Singapore, IATA code VF
  • Vodafone, a UK-based mobile/cell phone network
  • Vaterländische Front, a former Austrian political party

In titles:

  • Vicar Forane, also see Archpriest

In science:

  • Voice Frequency (300–3000 Hz)
  • Velocity final in Physics (acceleration formula)

In medicine:

  • Ventricular fibrillation, a cardiac arrhythmia
  • Virological failure

In mathematics:

  • Vector Field

In vehicle and machine designations:

  • Squadron (aviation) designation used by the United States Navy to indicate a fighter squadron or individual fighter plane
  • Designation for the variable fighters in the Macross series
  • Designation for the Veritech fighters in Robotech, which derived its designation from Macross

In games:

  • Virtua Fighter, a series of fighting games by Sega

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... Not to be confused with the VF-6, the unrelated variable fighter in the fictional Macross setting ... The VF-X-6 Genia prototype of the Alpha was developed with another Veritech fighter design, the Condor, and the two share very strong visual similarities ... Force departed in 2022, Alpha Veritechs could combine with the VF-X-7 Beta Veritech prototype ...
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... Like the VF-0 Phoenix, the SV-51 is an advance trial production model equipped with conventional engines, developed before planned variable fighters with thermonuclear turbine engines, and cannot be used in ... While it too incorporated the three-mode transformation concept of the VF-0, this feature was treated as an add-on to the familiar design principles of a pure fighter jet and not as ... Although the SV-51 in combat against the VF-0 displayed a higher level of practicality and stability in combat situations- its active stealth system achieved higher efficiency and output compared ...
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