Verb Phrase

In linguistics, a verb phrase or VP is a syntactic unit composed of at least one verb and the dependents of that verb. One can distinguish between two main types of VPs, finite VPs (the verb is a finite verb) and non-finite VPs (the verb is a non-finite verb). While phrase structure grammars acknowledge both, dependency grammars reject the existence of a finite VP constituent. In this regard, the understanding of verb phrases can be theory-driven.

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Coast Tsimshian Language - Syntax - Verb Phrase
... The basic verb phrase in Coast Tsimshian is ordered TEMPORAL MARKER, verb ... However, many of the noun phrases in the sentence can be represented on both the verb and/or the temporal marker as pre-, in- or suffixes ... made" /yagwa/ (present-only with action verbs) /yagwa dzap/ "be making right now," "is now making" Some combined temporal expressions /ɫa-dm dzap/ "just about to start making" /nah ɫa-wil dzap/ "and then just ...
Verb Phrase Ellipsis
... In linguistics, verb phrase ellipsis (VP-ellipsis or VPE) is an elliptical construction in which a non-finite verb phrase has been left out (elided), e.g ...
-ing - Uses - Distinction Between Gerunds and Present Participles
... Gerunds and present participles are two types of non-finite verb the difference is that gerunds are used to produce noun phrases, and participles to produce adjectival or adverbial phrases ... Here eating is a gerund the verb phrase eating cakes serves as a noun, being the object of the main verb like ... Here eating is a present participle the verb phrase eating a cake serves as an adjective, modifying him ...
Verb Phrase - VPs Narrowly Defined
... Verb phrases are sometimes defined more narrowly in scope to allow for only those sentence elements that are strictly considered verbal elements to form verb phrases ... According to such a definition, verb phrases consist only of main verbs, auxiliary verbs, and other infinitive or participle constructions ... only the words in bold would be considered to form the verb phrase for each sentence John has given Mary a book ...
Attributive Verb - English
... As mentioned above, verb forms that are used attributively in English are often called verbal adjectives, or in some cases deverbal adjectives (if they no longer behave grammatically as verbs) ... The truly "verbal" adjectives are non-finite verb forms participles (present and past), and sometimes to-infinitives ... These act as verbs in that they form a verb phrase, possibly taking objects and other dependents and modifiers that are typical of verbs however that verb phrase then plays the role of an attributive ...

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    The word is the Verb, and the Verb is God.
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