Vedanta Desika - Vazhi Thirunamam

Vazhi Thirunamam

Vazhi Thirunamam is a set of "Salutary Verses" that will be chanted in the Temples at the end, marking the closure of the day's Divya Prabandha Chanting. The Salutary Verses are sung in the Temples to ensure that these temples and the practices as established by the Aacharyas and Sri Ramanuja would be followed for ever. Swamy Desikan's Vazhi Thirunamam is being chanted in most of the Vadakalai Divya Desam all over India. The Vazhi thirunamam with the English Transliteration is as following:

"Vanja Para Samayam Mattra Vandhon Vazhiye Mannu Pughaz Bhoothooran Manamuhappon Vazhiye Kanja Thirumangai Ughakka Vandhon Vazhiye Kaliyanurai Kudi Konda Karuththudayon Vazhiye Senjol Tamil Maraigal Thelindhu Uraippon Vazhiye Thirumalai Mal Thirumaniyay Sirakka Vandhon Vazhiye Thanja Parakadhiyay Thantharulvon Vazhiye Than Tamil Thoopul Thiruvenkadavan Vazhiye!!! Nanilamum Than Vaala; Naan maraigal Thaam Vaala Maanagaril Maaran Marai Vaazha Gyaniyargal Senniani Ser Thoopul Vedantha Desikane Innum Oru Nootrandirum!!! Vazhiyani Thoopul varum Vedathasiriyan Vazhiyavan Paadhara Vindha Malargal Vazhiyavan Kodhila Thal Malarai Kondadi Kondirukkum Theethilla Nallor Thiral!"

The meaning of the Tamil Verses are as following:

"May Your grace live long; for you have changed many unrighteous paths to the righteous path May Your grace live long; for you have lived a life as pleasing to Sri Ramanujacharya May Your grace live long; for you have given joy for great men with your service May Your grace live long; for you have been an embodiment of the words of Thirumangai Alwar May Your grace live long; for you have presented the Tamil Vedas the Divya Prabandams very clearly May Your grace live long; for you have proved your incarnation of being the Divine bell of the Lord of Seven Hills May Your grace live long; for you are blessing us with the path of Salvation May Your grace live long; for you are the Lord of Seven Hills whom came to elaborate the Tamil Verses" "May our Swami Desikan live for one more century, for the well-being of the Worlds ( The Earth, the worlds above Earth, the worlds below Earth and the Eternal world), for the well-being of Vedas, for the sacred text of Nammalvar's Thiruvaimozhi to present glorious in sacred Sri Rangam; Oh Swami Vedanta Desika, the dusts from your holy feet are being worn by the great Gyanis to get betterment in their Spiritual life; May You live one more century for our sake!" "May Your grace live long; the grace of Swami Desikan who was born in Thoopul, who has no equivalent in knowledge; who is our greatest Philosopher; Long live His Lotus Feet! Long live the sacred men who are divine and pious always meditating and celebrating the grace of this Aacharya and who are staying away from all sorts of evil deeds and who are always surronded with the good and sacred deeds!"

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