Vanguard (rocket)

Vanguard (rocket)

The Vanguard rocket was intended to be the first launch vehicle the United States would use to place a satellite into orbit. Instead, the Sputnik crisis caused by the surprise launch of Sputnik 1 led the U.S., after the failure of Vanguard TV3, to quickly orbit the Explorer 1 satellite using a Juno I rocket, making Vanguard I the second successful U.S. orbital launch.

Vanguard rockets were used by Project Vanguard from 1957 to 1959. Of the eleven Vanguard rockets which the project attempted to launch, three successfully placed satellites into orbit.

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Vanguard (rocket) - Launches - Specifications
... Stage Number 1 - VanguardMass 7,661 kg Empty Mass 811 kg Thrust (vac) 134.7 kN Isp 270 s (2.6 kN·s/kg) Burn time 145 s Isp (sea level) 248 s (2.4 kN·s/kg ...

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