Uxor is the Latin for wife, often abbreviated as ux., and often used in the form "et uxor" or "et ux." (literally "and wife") to indicate a couple comprising the identified man and his otherwise-unidentified wife. For example, many older property deeds list the owners in the form "John Smith et ux." In the present day, most jurisdictions would indicate both the husband and wife by name.

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Dunvegan Cup - History - Differing Transcriptions
... rendering O'Curry's rendering into Latin Katharina nig Ryneill, uxor Johannis Meg Maguir principis de Firmanach, me fieri Fecit ... Katherina ingen ui Neill uxor Johannis Meguighir principis de Firmanach me fieri fecit ... MacLeod's translation into English Katharina Nig Ry Neil Uxor Johannis meg Macguire, principis de Fermanae me fieri fecit anno Domini 1493 ...