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United Nations Security Council Veto Power - Veto Power Reform
... discussions have taken place in recent years over the suitability of the Security Council veto power in today's world ... most stable and responsible member states in the United Nations, and that their veto power slows down and even prevents important decisions being made on matters of international ... of the UN Security Council remain the best member states to hold veto power ...
Chapter V Of The United Nations Charter - Article 27
... Article specifies the UNSC's voting procedures ... members, must concur in order for the UNSC to act on a non-procedural measure ... requirement of the P-5's unanimous assent establishes the famous "great power veto," which deadlocked the UNSC throughout most of the Cold War and has prevented the UNSC from authorizing military action ...

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    The veto is a President’s Constitutional right, given to him by the drafters of the Constitution because they wanted it as a check against irresponsible Congressional action. The veto forces Congress to take another look at legislation that has been passed. I think this is a responsible tool for a president of the United States, and I have sought to use it responsibly.
    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913)